How Pricing High Can Help Sell My House Fast Shelton CT

Posted by Simon Oppliger // June 18, 2018

Sell My House Fast Shelton CT

A high price sounds counterintuitive when I want to sell my house fast Shelton CT. In fact, the thought of this probably goes against everything in your head. If your brain is screaming “No!” we understand, but keep reading. There is a lot of information out there about why it’s important not to price your […]

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5 Money Saving Strategies that Don’t Work When Buying a House

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // June 11, 2018

Buying a House

Who doesn’t want a great deal when buying a house? It’s one of the largest purchases that most people will make in their life, so it only makes sense that they want to look for a deal. However, not all strategies to save money are good ones. With the shortage of inventory on the market, […]

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5 Must-Have Updates to Sell My House Fast Stratford CT

Posted by Simon Oppliger // June 4, 2018

Sell My House Fast Stratford CT

No homeowner wants a long drawn out process of selling their home – you are looking to “sell my house fast Stratford CT.”  In many instances, a homeowner is selling their home to have enough money to buy another one. This means that the faster this process goes, the faster they get to move into […]

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How to Take Listing Pictures That Sell

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // May 28, 2018

Listing Pictures

There are a lot of steps that come with selling a house. That can make it easy to overlook some of them thinking they are simpler than they really are. One of these common steps is the listing pictures. Listing photos are included with your online listing for buyers to take a look at what […]

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Do You Want to Buy into a Homeowners’ Association?

Posted by Simon Oppliger // May 21, 2018

Homeowners’ Association

As you begin your home search, you most likely have a long list of things that you are looking for in a house. You know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, what type of floor plan, and what you want out of your yard. One thing that many buyers overlook is the consideration of […]

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Attention Sellers: How to Create a “Buy My House Fast Fairfield CT” Situation

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // May 14, 2018

Buy My House Fast Fairfield CT

Most sellers are looking for the ideal candidate to “buy my house fast Fairfield CT.” They don’t want to see their house sit on the market with no offers month after month. When you find the right buyer to buy my house fast Fairfield CT, sellers can sell a home quickly and for a price that […]

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5 Tips For Surviving a House Appraisal as a Buyer

Posted by Simon Oppliger // May 7, 2018


When a home sale gets to the point that an appraisal is being completed, the seller and buyer are both feeling the pressure. If the appraisal comes back much lower than what has been agreed on, the buyer can be in trouble. If the seller will not bring the price down, the buyer will need […]

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How to Plan a Successful Home Renovation

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // April 30, 2018

Home Renovation

A home renovation can be expensive.  But, when done correctly, these home renovations can add some value to the home and help the owner live more comfortably.  If done incorrectly, the home may be left in worse condition than it started in. With this in mind, homeowners will want to be sure to make a […]

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“Buy My House Fast Trumbull!” – The 4 Rules of Selling Your House the Right Way

Posted by Simon Oppliger // April 23, 2018

Buy My House Fast Trumbull

Trumbull home sellers looking for someone to “buy my house fast Trumbull” might not have realized that there was a right way and a wrong way to sell your house. Well there is. Here is what the wrong way looks like (especially for those sellers who are asking themselves “how can I get someone to […]

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Did Your Property Taxes Increase? 5 Reasons Why it Might Have Happened

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // April 16, 2018

Property Taxes

There are a number of advantages that come with home ownership. You have a space to call your own, can style the way you prefer, and there are several tax deductions that homeowners are able to take advantage of. It’s great, until property taxes roll around. Every homeowner hates paying them, but they help fund […]

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