Homes for Sale Hamden – 103 Vineyard – Project Update Demo Day

Posted by Simon Oppliger // February 16, 2020

Just started our demo. Kitchen cabinets and bathrooms demolished. Wall between kitchen and living room removed.

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Homes for Sale Hamden – 103 Vineyard – Project Update Initial Walkthrough

Posted by Simon Oppliger // February 8, 2020

Just purchased our next project. Take a look at the attached video to see the initial walkthrough.

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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Multifamily Rentals

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // September 26, 2018

Most investors understand the benefit of a quality rental property. However, as popular as single-family rentals are there is always hesitation making the leap to multifamily rentals. The reality is that in many ways multifamily properties are much safer and offer a higher return than a single-family property. Furthermore, with additional rents coming in there […]

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How to Tell If You Are Ready to Buy a House

Posted by Simon Oppliger // August 27, 2018

Buy a House

There are a number of benefits when you buy a house. You don’t have to worry about the price of rent going up, you don’t have to worry about a landlord showing up at your property, and you have a place to call your own. You can paint the walls the way that you want […]

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6 Ways to Stage a House (For Less Money)

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // August 20, 2018

Stage a House

There is no denying that taking the time to stage a house can be a big benefit when you are trying to sell your house. In fact, studies show that a properly staged house can actually increase the market value of the home. And, since the house will appeal to buyers it can also speed […]

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How to Lose a Bidding War

Posted by Simon Oppliger // August 13, 2018

Bidding War

One of the worst nightmares for a buyer is being stuck in a bidding war. When the area’s home inventory is low and there are many buyers in the market, bidding wars can be fairly common. When the house of your dreams is on the line you want to make sure that you are the […]

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Design Secrets for Sellers Looking For a Buyer to Buy My House Fast Shelton, CT

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // August 6, 2018

Buy My House Fast Shelton, CT

There are times when a seller is looking for a buyer to buy my house fast Shelton, CT. And there are ways that sellers can facilitate such a purchase. When you stay in a nice high-end hotel it gives you that feeling that you don’t want to leave. Sometimes, you can’t even put your finger […]

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The Best Way to Make a Winning Home Offer When You’ve Found the One

Posted by Simon Oppliger // July 30, 2018

Home Offer

It is one thing for a buyer to find a house that they love and another thing altogether to make a home offer.  Making a home offer is almost as hard as picking a house. There are different aspects to consider before submitting an offer.  Submitting too low of a home offer may result in […]

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How Selling a House Can Cost Home Sellers

Posted by Carolyn Oppliger // July 23, 2018

Home Sellers

As home sellers prep their house to sell, they are thinking about their big payout.  They may have dreams of using it on a down payment or paying off their mortgage. No matter the need for the money it can be devastating to learn how much selling a house can cost.  There are many factors […]

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3 Areas You Don’t Want to Take Lightly When Buying a House

Posted by Simon Oppliger // July 16, 2018

Buying a House

The majority of people tend to think of the experience of buying a house as a good one. After possibly years of wanting to be homeowners it is an exciting, and sometimes overwhelming, process to work through. Looking at all the different houses on the market can be exciting and the idea of moving in […]

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